Bier / Wein

Come have a drink with us!

Dear Beer Lovers…
We only have a certain capacity for kegged great German beers so we rotate them constantly to insure we have the best and widest variety available, or to just introduce you to some new ones! If today your favorite beer is not available please ask your server for an equal or better one (or check the tap)!

The following beers we rotate:


In Vino veritas!

Dear Wine Lovers…
A new season brings new grapes! All of our wines are carefully selected from the best German wineries we can find. Because the quality and availability of these wines change so quickly, we want to insure you have the best and widest variety available and of course introduce you to some new ones. If today your favorite wine is not available, we are sure we have an equal or better one for as long as it lasts.

"Zum Wohl"

Vom Fass / Imported Draft Beers

Dunkel / Dark

Schneider “Aventinus”, Dark Chrystal Beer
Köstritzer, Edel Lager
Spaten “Optimator”, Dark (Doppel Bock) Malt Beer
Hofbräu “Dunkel”, Dark Lager (Bottled)
Schenkerla “Smokebeer”, Dark heavy smoked beer (Bottled)

Kloster Andechs, Dark (Doppel Bock) Malt Beer

 Helles / Blonde

Bitburger, Pilsener
Kulmbacher, Pilsener​
Königs Pilsener, Pilsener
Warsteiner, Pilsener
Hofbräu “Original”, Edel Lager
Spaten “Original”, Edel Lager
Weihenstephan, Chrystal White Beer
Reissdorf, Kölsch

 Hefe Weizen
Franziskaner, Hefe Weizen
Paulaner, Classic Hefe Weizen
Hacker-Pschorr, Hefe Weizen

Weihenstephan, Hefe Weizen

 Leichtes / lights
"Diesel”, Refreshing and Tasty mix of Beer/Cola
"Radler”, Refreshing and Tasty mix of Beer/Sprite

Bitburger “Non Alcoholic”, Pilsener

(0.5 L) 8
(1.0 L) 15.50
(2.0 L “Boot") 29

(Sample Paddle of 4 different beers of your choice) 9

For a better taste, we only serve beer that is imported and brewed in Germany!

Imported Wines

Weiss Wein / White Wine

 2015 Broadbent “Grüner Veltiner", Austria
A juicy white wine, with plenty of lime, peach and green apple flavors.
Glass: 9 / Bottle: 39

2016 Villa Wolf “Gewürztraminer”, Pfalz/Germany
A spicy, fruity wine that shows off the aromatic charm of the grape.
Juicy and fresh and goes great with all of our dishes.
Glass: 9 / Bottle: 32

2014 Castell “Silvaner”, Rheinland /Germany
Rich and fruity dry wine. Easy to drink and versatile with many dishes.
Glass: 12 / Bottle: 39

2014 Reuscher-Haart “Riesling”, Würtenberg/Germany
An outstanding medium sweet Riesling that has all the best of this grape.
Glass: 9 / Bottle: 38

2014 Madonna “Liebfraumilch”, Rheinhessen/Germany
Rich, fruity and perfectly balanced between sweet and dry. Our ladies favorite!
Glass: 9 / Bottle: 32

2014 Geil “Kabinett”, Bechtheim/Germany
An outstanding half dry Riesling. From fruity but not sweet grapes.
Glass: 11 / Bottle: 39

2014 Selbach “Dry Riesling”, Mosel/Germany
Full bodied outstanding dry Riesling.
Glass: 10 / Bottle: 32

2016 Dr. Hermann “Riesling”, Mosel/Germany
This amazing wine has a light yellow-green color. On the nose, it offers notes of herbs and stone fruits.
Sweet, fresh and fruity on the palate with a lively acidity.
Glass: 12 / Bottle: 42

 2005 Erdener Treppchen Riesling “Auslese”, Mosel/Germany
Auslese means “Selected”. Only the finest berries are hand-picked for this amazing fruity but not sweet white wine. Winner of many prizes.
Glass: 18.50 / Bottle: 59


Rot Wein / Red Wine

 2014 Affentaler “Spätburgunder”, Baden/Germany
A dry, tasty red wine very rich and easy to drink

Glass: 10 / Bottle: 32

 2016 Dornfelder sweet red, Rheinhessen/Germany
A sweet red wine well rounded with hints of fruits. A great German red wine!
Glass: 9 / Bottle: 31

2012 Cleebronn & Güglingen “Pinot Noir”, Würtenberg/Germany
Great light and dry red wine with hints of cherry. Wonderful and easy to drink.
Glass:11 / Bottle:36

2014 Glatzer “Blaufraenkisch”, Austria
A dry darker red wine with hints of cherry and blackberries. Austria’s favorite.
Glass: 12 / Bottle: 39
(Sample Paddle of 4 different wines of your choice)


Sekt / Sparkling Wine

Henkell Trocken, Germany
A great German dry sparkling wine. Wonderful and easy to drink and also great as a “Mimosa”
Glass: 9 / Bottle: 29